Air driven type
by means of Pascal’s Raw

F1 A1 F2 A2

Air driven pump is pressurizing through cross-section ratio difference of Pascal’s Raw.Energy is occurred when Air pressure energy is converted into the linear reciprocal exercise of plunger. Pressurizing principle is as follow. Plunger compress the gas influxed through “In Check” and then discharge through “Out Check” Pumster has Gas booster and Liquid pump.

Driving video view
gas booster

Gas booster

Pumster gas booster can be used under Anti-explosion area without restriction. And also be used in compressing and pressurizing industrial or special gas. Gas booster is classified into basic series and special series.

Product view
liquid pump

Liquid pump

Pumster Liquid pump is efficient in energy aspect and can be used in anti-explosion area. It is used in transferring liquid state water or oil to other place or compressing.

Product view



As pumster production system is composed from processing to assembly,
Pumster can provide prompt AS compared to competitors.
  • Precision

  • Self

  • Rapid

  • In

  • Main seal durability

    Main seal durability guarantee

    Guarantee 1 million cycles of durability.

  • As a non-ignition anti-explosion

    As a non-ignition anti-explosion type

    Air driven type need not electricity.

  • Can be applied diversely

    Can be applied diversely

    Pumster models can be diversely according to using pressure and flowrate

gas booster

Easy replacement

Pumster main seal kit can be easily replaced by disassembling pressure part of the pump.